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Sell more, easily, and pay less – that’s the 1-Ecommerce webshop promise

Risk-free, low cost, total ecommerce solutions specially designed for SMALL BUSINESSES.


Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, micro business or a part-time seller, 1-Ecommerce combines SEO, marketing, plus a smooth customer experience to give you more completed sales with our easy ecommerce packages. All supported by a specialist ecommerce team built over 12 years.


Click for a range of ecommerce options that will shine out of search engines and get you more sales than you thought possible.

What you get with 1-Ecommerce

You may be asking yourself questions like, "how do I build a website" or "where can I get a low cost website"; or even "how can I build a free ecommerce website" - read on, because we've got the answers for you.

  • Pay-As-You-Go e-commerce software:
    • no paying fixed fees or buying software up front, you only pay for the use of the ENTIRE SYSTEM when you make a sale
    • your ecommerce website design is completed without costing you a penny buying or leasing ecommerce software
    • the benefit to you is to SAVE MONEY because you only pay for the system once it's MAKING MONEY for you


Building on the success of Shopfitter 4's search engine friendly structure this new e-commerce system gives you:

  • Feeds into the important search engine systems to get your products seen = sales
  • Cutting edge technology brings your site highter up search results = sales
  • A simple to use online Content Management System - use any internet connected computer to manage your site and business = convenience

The system provides a complete ecommerce website building tool:


  • The all important shopping cart
  • All the information pages you need to list your goods and provide a wealth of useful information
  • Assistance and advice in developing a web marketing plan
  • The necessary documentation for compliance purposes: ready-made legal policies (e.g. terms of use, privacy etc)
  • Plus our proven secure order processing and management system


Payment Gateways and systems available include many major choices (and we often add new methods when requested):

In addition to providing e-commerce software services and solutions we also build highly visible and successful websites: see examples of our work in the scroller above; click on the thumbnails to see them in action. Contact us on +44 (0) 1352 840 866 to discuss your online business requirements.


And if that's not enough we also provide personised support free of charge to give you a helping hand to get your website making sales.


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