Website Cleansing – Part 1: Crawl Errors

The number of websites that have been bashed by Google’s algorithm updates (Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird) over the last few years means that it’s more important than ever to clean up anything that may be harming your website’s rankings.

This is the first of four short pieces that gives you an easy to follow, step-by-step guide to detoxifying your website; which will seriously improve SEO.

1 – Find and Fix Crawl Errors

Finding the errors is easy using Google and Bing Webmaster Tools; if you aren’t using them then do so immediately: Google Webmaster Tools | Bing Webmaster Tools – you’ll need to wait a few days before proceeding if you’re just signing up now.

Both tools are similar so we’ll use Google for the purpose of illustration here.

Once you’ve logged in go to the relevant site dashboard and look in the left menu for ‘Crawl’.

Next, click on ‘Crawl’ to reveal ‘Crawl Errors’ and click on it to see the list of crawl errors.

Google Webmaster Tools Crawl Errors

Crawl Errors

For more information on why the error exists click on the URL which will open a pop up screen.

Google Webmasters Error Details

Error Details

Next click on ‘Linked from’ to find out in which pages the incorrect links exist.

Google Webmasters Linked from panel

Linked from panel


The next task is to go to each website page in which the dodgy links exist, as listed in the ‘Linked from’ panel and remove them (in your content management system).

Finally, you can go back to the main crawl errors list and tick each error that you’ve fixed and then click the ‘Mark as fixed’ button at the top.

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2 thoughts on “Website Cleansing – Part 1: Crawl Errors

  1. Simon Allen Post author

    Hi Dave; I’ve had a look at the issue you have. The crawl errors were all from and to pages that don’t exist since your last site upgrade.

    What I found was that your Webmaster Tools had the old sitemap.xml file registered and this was where Google were finding all the missing links.

    I’ve corrected the settings so the reported crawl errors should disappear over the next few days.



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