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Chris King is Making More Money

Anyone can change their lives by starting an online business – all it takes to start is a decision.

Once you’ve made that decision the rest can fall into place by choosing the right partners to work with.

That's exactly what Shoe Doctor (www.shoedoctorshop.co.uk) did. Chris King signed up for a FREE account and then installed the software himself – he added his products and other information; before long he had an operational online store that was soon making sales.

By 2012 Chris’ ecommerce activities had doubled his overall sales and he decided that he ought to invest in his online store in the same way he had been doing with his physical retail shop and invested in an upgrade and custom theme design – it went live in spring 2013.

Since then the Shoe Doctor website has gone from strength to strength due to Chris’ regular activity and updates.

Citing visitor numbers is all very well but it’s sales that count with well over 300 a month equating to over £5000 extra revenue.

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So what did Chris do to make his ecommerce website successful?

Here's a list that you can copy and apply yourself:

  • Added more detailed product information on the product page.
    • A list of colours / sizes / variations available,
    • instructions on how to use each product,
    •  links to other products. For example, before using this suede dye brush the suede with a suede brush (suede brush being a link to the suede brushes we sell).
  • Revisited the short product descriptions that are visible to the customer on the category pages. Would the current text make me want to click through for more information or is it just a repeat of the product title? Rewrite with better detail.
  • Made sure every product had at least 4 related products.
  • Started a blog which now includes a twitter feed, YouTube videos, photos,  product information, reviews, how to use products etc.
  • Got products on the Google Merchants product feed and set up a Google Adwords account to get them live.
  • Set up a small Google Adwords campaign which is monitored and modified regularly.
  • Set up a mailing list of previous customers and send out a monthly newsletter / offer etc. using proper mailing list software.
  • Added Free delivery when you spend £30 (surprisingly popular and has increased average basket size).
  • Advertise up to 3pm for same day dispatch (something to set you aside from the competition other than price).
  • Choice of delivery methods, a cheap standard delivery or a premium next day courier (really surprised how many people use that even when the courier cost is more than the product they are purchasing).
  • Link to shop Facebook Page
  • Link to shop Twitter feed
  • In the process of setting up a YouTube Channel.

Out of all of that the only thing that costs money is Google Adwords which you can obviously set daily / weekly / monthly budgets and you have all the information to monitor what's working and what's not and adjust accordingly.

Chris King


Chris worked closely with 1Ecommerce to achieve the success he's enjoying now, this is what he says

I initially chose to work with 1Ecommerce because I could 'dip my toe' in to the ecommerce world without huge upfront costs. There was the opportunity to build my own website using their software and only pay anything once I had sold something, what's not to like about that?.

Once it had become clear there was a market for my website 1Ecommerce proved to be very approachable and flexible, and together we came up with a tailor made upgrade that suited my needs and my budget.

Their support from building my own site 'on the cheap' through to upgrading and then continued expansion has been fantastic. As a small business it is a pleasure to work with a service provider that genuinely cares about the growth of my business. It is great to be able to build a relationship with their team rather than being an account number on the end of a phone to a call centre

Chris King - Shoe Doctor

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