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Do YOU Want to Beat Your Competitors?

Specially designed for small businesses. Our focus is on growing YOUR profits by helping and teaching you to excel online.

We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.

What do YOU get?

website design
  • Mentoring
  • Guidance
  • Hand-holding
  • Technical support and Reassurance
  • Help with business growth and evolution
  • Objective realism

A Beautiful Website

Why do you need a professionally designed and built website?

Firstly, you want your clients and customers to take you seriously and that requires you to look like you really mean business.
Secondly, the professional web designers and developers at 1Ecommerce make sure that the quality of every page, picture and item on the website build up the value of your business.
Third, our copywriters ensure that the words on your site focus on the benefits for your customer to maximise the number of sales you make.

Client Testimonals

How we work to help YOU

Identifying Your Needs

The way we approach your project is to understand that what we are working on is YOUR website, that needs to work for YOUR business.

Although we have vast experience stretching back to 2000, we won't impose a solution on you. We'll work with you to identify and understand your marketplace, the people who buy your goods and services and what THEIR needs are.

We also understand that you need to be proud of your website, because it represents your public image and so is a fundamentally important part of your customer communications - even if it is just a 'shop window' website.

What's more, web technology, search engines and how your customers interact with you online constantly changes. With social media and mobile technology becoming inceasingly important your website MUST be able to keep up with the evolving demands of modern businesses' customers.

What that means today

Websites now need to be optimised to work well on any platform. Using jargon free language, that means they must work equally well on desktop computers, laptops, tablets (iPad, Android, Windows and others) and smart phones of all types. This is technically quite challenging, which is why a cheap website can actually turn out to be very expensive for your business.

For example, let's say you have a website built for £500, it looks great but can't be found on Google and also doesn't work on mobiles. As a result, over the first year you only make a dozen sales totalling £1000.

On the other hand, you spend £3000 (or more) on a website that works across all devices, is optimised to be found in Google Shopping, organic listings AND has the background technology to be listed as mobile friendly. You get thousands of visitors to the site, many buyers with sales equalling £20,000 in the first year. Ask yourself which of those two options has cost you more. Clearly, the cheaper option has turned out to be the more expensive in business terms.

What You Get

In simple terms this is dependent on the needs of you and your business, the budget you have in mind, and what you want your website to to do for you.

The solution we offer you will be based on those criteria. But at the very least it will fulfil all the technical requirements, as well address the needs of the search engines so that your site can be found.

So that then leaves you to choose what functionality you want. Fo instance, you may want to include a blog on your website that integrates fully. In addition, you could have a mailing list system that manages all your existing customers, attracts new contacts, and provides a system for sending out bulk emails to your list that is targeted and personalised. It will also need to comply with spam prevention rules and protect you from having your site blacklisted. Next, you could have a customer contact management system, or some way for people to sign up for regular payments for some of your services.

We have the experience, knowledge and relationships to provide all these, plus much more, for you.

What If There's a Problem

We have to be completely hnest here, not everything goes perfectly all the time. It could be something in the website not working correctly, a link going to the wrong place, or even a hosting or payment system issue. Like you, we're human and make mistakes every now and then - despite our best efforts.

But we promise that if that happens we will work our hardest to put things right, solve any problems or make changes that make your online presence even better.

We see the process of building your website as a 'team sport'. One where we're all on the same side working to achieve your business goals.

Fully Responsive

All websites we create are fully responsive so that they perform perfectly across all platforms: desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone.


The coding behind your website will employ the latest technology to ensure the most efficient performance and latest design functionality.

Launch Ready

As soon as your site is ready to show the world we'll upload a launch ready version as soon as possible, this will enable search engines to start indexing, customers to start buying and the evolution of the site can begin.