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Website Page Design

Building a website these days is fairly simple, but increasing sales through your site can be elusive.

If that's what you're finding then we've got something really special for you at the end of this short message.

We've been running websites for years and had loads of site visitors who just clicked off the home page without looking at any other pages, signing up for anything or taking the actions we were hoping for.

Of course, all the experts say they can see the problems you have, and they speak with authority about what “might” work or things you can “try” to solve the problem. It's all a bit vague really.

We've spent years working on improvements, some things worked and some didn't - we've made lots of mistakes and learned lots of lessons so that now our conversion rate is infinitely higher than it used to be.

It actually turned out to be simpler than we expected - all we did was take away most of the “stuff” we had on our homepage that confused our site visitors.

What we found was that all our great offers, free downloads and information product signups were fighting with all the other menu items and navigation features so the majority of people didn't really see them, just gave up and left our website.

That's what you need to do with your website and the 1Ecommerce system gives you the tools to do it.

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