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Are you fed up with ecommerce charges even when you don't sell anything?

I spent £20,000 on my first ecommerce website and it took months before it made any sales.

I didn't have any cash left for advertising because it had all gone on the software and design.

That's when I came up with the idea that most sites do the same thing; they just look different.

So I created a low cost system for other small businesses to get a great ecommerce website free so they could spend their money on marketing - then they pay a small fee for each sale. Bingo - problem solved.

Simon Allen - CEO 1Ecommerce

A Few Client Comments

Working with 1-Ecommerce has been a pleasure; I've been working with the guys for the past 10 years and over that period of time if ever I've had a problem with the site, need some info or advice, they have always been reachable and have got me sorted pretty much straight away.

Steve - St Vedas

1-Ecommerce has been superb. Their customer service is great. The guys there respond quickly and efficiently and are always willing to listen and take my ideas on board. They go above and beyond to help.

Richard - Bravellous

My website has the look, feel and user ability of a first class, professional website. I have the functionality that I need and the system allows for more to be added. The software is search engine friendly as it incorporates the often frustrating rules imposed by Google. This is a huge benefit for my business.

Louise - Global Maternity

Our transition to the web was made seamless by 1-Ecommerce and our customer feedback of their experience of our site has been excellent. The website has helped the company continue to grow through an unstable economic period, what more can you ask for?

Rob - Newquay Activity Centre

We have seen a big growth in our on line sales and customer awareness. Google ratings have gone up, it's great to sit at home and see the orders come in at any time of the day.

Colin - Best Buy Mobility

The 1-Ecommerce software is very Google friendly our presence and rankings are constantly climbing upwards making our web sales increase dramatically and this is all within four months from starting. Within this time I have encountered a few things I don't quite understand but a short call and the problem is sorted quickly with clear non jargon talk.

John - Borders Gunroom